Kosmostage 2015

Festival für Universelle Musik von und mit dem Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
17. und 18. Juli 2015 im Radialsystem V

Le Conte de la dernière pensée

One hundred years ago started the massacre of the armenian population in the old osman empire. Edgar Hilsenrath wrote this tragic poetic novel for which I could design the cover.
It was just published at »le tripode« in French in Paris.


at the East London Comic Arts Festival – Saturday 20th June, 4.15pm-5.15pm – SPACE, 129-131 Mare Street,
London E8 3RH

Berlin - San Francisco

A book drawn on a 15 hour plane ride


Wir spielen wieder, 7.und 8. November 2015!

Hotel Berlin Poster

The poster with english explanations was sold out. It is available again!

Soldiers Of One Hundred Years

A silkscreen print to commemorate WW1 and WW2