Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Cyber War

The New York Times, OpEd
The decision by the United States and Israel to develop and then deploy the Stuxnet virus against a nuclear enrichment facility in Iran represents a significant and dangerous turning point in what has been until now the gradual militarization of the Internet. Washington is crossing the Rubicon. If it gets to the other side, contemporary warfare will change fundamentally as we explore hazardous and unchartered territory.

A Weapon We Can’t Control

Montag, 25. Juni 2012


The New York Times, Opinionator, Anxiety by George Makari
Often I sense its electric energy during the initial phone call. Anxiety is like that. It leaps from you to me then back again like some unruly spirit. But that faint buzz reveals surprisingly little else about the being on the other end of the line. Who is not at times worried, nervous, troubled, frantic or even panicked? Anxiety may be an omen of vast import, or not much at all. Like the robot in the television series “Lost in Space” who proclaims “Danger, Will Robinson,” this primal alarm sends out its warning, but of what? As a psychiatrist, it is part of my job to find out.